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Kazman Services Painting Contractors

Kazman Services provides drywall repair, baseboard / crown molding, and painting services to Brevard County and Central Florida. The Kazman Last name is a part of the company title because we believe in the work that we do for our customers. Whether we’re taking on an exterior or interior painting project, we’re committed to processes that provide consistent, professional results.

This vaulted ceiling living room was easily brought from vibrant varying colors back to a natural tone with Kazman Services!

Interior Painting Services

A finished interior painting project should not only mean a spotless color change and straight clean lines, it should improve the look and comfort of a space. In order to achieve this, Kazman Services takes some of the following steps during our interior painting proccess:

  • Mask off flooring, light fixtures, furniture, doors, windows and appliances
  • Remove outlet, security system, and doorbell covers as well as vents and decorations from walls
  • Caulk baseboards, crown molding, door frames, and windows to create a seamless clean look
  • Patch Drywall dings, repair damaged corners, and apply texturing to match.
    Then sand walls to remove burrs and debris prior to painting
  • Apply premium paint using high quality brushes and rollers, or an airless sprayer

We help customers get the most out of their new paint job by helping them choose the ideal color, sheen, and brand of paint based on the lighting, layout, and lifestyle. This process ensures consistent, professional results that our customers love.

Exterior Painting Services

The exterior of a home sets the tone for the entire property and is  a reflection of the homeowners’ personality. The Kazman Services procedure for an exterior paint job  is  just as detail-oriented as our interior process. 


  • A pressure washing comes complimentary with any exterior painting
  • Wasp nests, bird nests, leaves, and other biological materials are removed
  • Window and doorway seams are caulked as well as any cracks in the stucco, brick, or cinder block.
  • Windows, doors, light fixtures, and soffit are masked off as needed and protective covering is placed over plants and shrubs
  • Premium Paint is sprayed and rolled on for maximum coverage over coarse texture

 We recommend letting us putting a new coat of paint of the front door and install new address numbers as a final touch. Your house will look as good as new!


Pricing varies depending on a number of factors such as condition of the painting surface, height of the walls, and number of colors different being applied. For convenience, a standardized pricing chart is provided. 

Quotes are provided for free and are scheduled at the customer’s convenience.  

Customer Reviews

"The work was completed on a timely basis, and with a high degree of precision. Nathan and his brother did high quality work. They did not complain about the punch list or corrections. They exceeded my expectations. The thoroughness went beyond the letter of the estimate and covered the spirit of what we were trying to accomplish. Not only would recommend them I have used them again"
Chris Wtipil
North Merritt Island
"They were outstanding with a lot of attention to detail. They were quick and very clean painters. I hired them twice and then I also found out that they do Handyman services so I am hiring them to fix a few things around our house. Excellent workers. "
Maureen Broussalian
Melbourne Beach
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